Gacoki Kipruto

Board Member

Gacoki’s passion is to expand economic opportunities. She remembers when she was just a child, she would eat plums to her fill at her aunt’s farm and yet hear stories of people going without food, only about 200km away. This got her to study commerce and agriculture, with the hope to develop markets and infrastructure that would enable farmers access markets for their produce and ensure that consumers are able to access whatever food they needed.

Gacoki is now an international development expert whose experience spans regional trade, governance, banking and research. She has supported the creation of enabling environments for business through development planning, strengthening various sectors that deeply impact development and has worked with businesses and institutions to make them sustainable in the impact they are creating. In her work, she applies tools including research, training, coaching, mentoring and offering advisory services.

Gacoki is very effective in generating and maintaining partnerships across varied stakeholder bases ranging from governments to primary producers.